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2 years ago
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2 years ago
The ultimate luxury toy: The Bugatti Baby 52 Goes to Auction
The ultimate luxury toy: The Bugatti Baby 52 Goes to Auction

"What did kings and the doyens of high society buy for their children in the 1920s? A Baby 52 by legendary car-maker Bugatti, of course."  

Designed by Ettore Bugatti, the founder of legendary automobile company, for his five-year-old son Roland, the Bugatti Baby 52 is an exact half size replica of the Bugatti type 35 Grand Prix, the legendary sports car that won close to all the major car races between 1925 and 1927.


* made of aluminium and sheet metal. I

*  gear lever

*  Bugatti dashboard,

*  a Paris-Rhône engine and

*  a leather seat.

And can it move?   Yes, this baby blue Buggatti reaches speeds of up to 20 kph depending on the charge of its 12-volt battery. When made, the price was 5,000 francs — making it accessible to kids of the brand’s wealth clientele.

This luxury toy can be yours on auction in the sale of the personal collection of vintage car collector Fritz Schlumpf, at the in the Interiors Sale in Paris on 28 April. Estimate €30,000-50,000 -- slightly more than the original sale's price ;)

"Many members of Royal families succumbed to the Baby 52 craze; the Prince of Morocco got behind the wheel of his in 1929, while Baudouin, the future king of Belgium, received his in 1932.  This car is also famous for its appearance in Hergé’s comic book Tintin au Pays de l’or noir, in which Abadallah receives a Baby Bugatti from his father, the emir."

Check it out at Christies site and the other luxury items that will be on auction then dial back in to LaLuxore for the latest trending new on living the luxury lifestyle.  We've got you covered!