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The Hippest Pool Table on Earth
The Hippest Pool Table on Earth

Today we take you back in time, thanks to Oregon-based Dub-Box,  the company that builds camper trailers inspired by perhaps the most famous and long-lived Hippie-icons --  the VW Microbus.  

While the company specializes in beautifully outfitted VW derived trailers, Dub-Box is at the beginning stages of producing a line of fun and fabulous Dub Box inspired furniture aka Dub Dekor.  We absolutely love their vintage inspired  pool table.  In all our time looking for the "coolest" luxury furniture pieces, we haven't come across  a piece of home decor, that exudes so much personality.  

So, if you're looking for a pick-up game, this a regulation sized pool table - featuring LED lights to add a hallucinatory effect - will be pleasing to everyone.  

The pool table is guaranteed to be the center of attention at any party, offering plenty of fun times for you, your family and friends. Ready for a game of pool? Check out Dub Box' Dub Dekor for what may just be the hippest Pool Table on earth.  
*Estimated price $5,500


*shipping and assembly not included

  1. angel 

    Humm this totally says "Man Cave" to me.
    This pool table belongs in that kind of room.