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2 years ago
The classic Porsche 911 Market Continues to Surprise
The classic Porsche 911 Market Continues to Surprise

 It's iconic.    Not much else to say as the 911 speaks for itself.   Timeless beauty that transcends generational tastes.  

So while the the Corvette is called “America’s Sports Car”,  there's likely only one sports car in all of Europe that would likely qualify for the same status, and that would have to the the Porsche 911.   According to esteemed luxury products house James Edition, "the 911 has been in production for over half a century, and it's always been a practical daily driver,  a status symbol, a performance benchmark, and a racking champion - making it one of the most versatile and important performance automobiles ever made."

Yet despite these descriptions there's something quite intoxicating about the essence of a 911 that's difficult if not impossible to put into words.    Interestingly, " while the significance of the 911 certainly makes it a desirable car for enthusiasts and collectors, part of what gives a classic car value is rarity, these cars just aren’t rare. Porsche built 410,348 air-cooled 911s, and thanks to high build quality and typically wealthy, caring owners, many of these are still around. Even so, the demand for air-cooled 911s, especially for the special and high-performance versions that actually are rare, has proven so strong that 911s of all ages have shot up steeply in value over the last several years, with some even doubling in value over the last five years."   The LaLuxore team is in love with the 911, making it #1 on the list of most desirable rides of many that work here. 

Visit James Edition for more interesting insights, news and photos on this unbelievable ride and then make certain to track back to LaLuxore for the latest news, insights and advice on living a luxury lifestyle.