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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Ferrari Spaceship Comes to Life
Ferrari Spaceship Comes to Life

Well sort of.   The question, what would a spaceship look like if it were designed by  Ferrari, has been answered.  

Flavio Manzoni, Design Director at Ferrari,  and the man credited with some of Ferraris most stunning designs,including the LaFerrari, F12berlinetta, and FXX K is a visionary.  

Recently  Manzonitook to sketching out what a Ferrari spaceship would look like.  

His designs are  "out of this world" gorgeous.   The sleek lines and curvy surfaces, somewhat reminiscent of Ferraris, though perhaps more beautiful, evoke a sense of a future life that's far more stunning than anything we've seen out of Hollywood.  

While he did it for fun it may be contain clues as to what future Ferraris will look like.  Form Trends features some great quotes and more space ship sketches from the man who designs some of the most beautiful products on earth.