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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Defining luxury: Not just about the money | The Economist
Defining luxury: Not just about the money | The Economist

Image: "Snuffbox, Jean Guillaume George Krueger, Berlin 1775-1780 Source: The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection Voltage haute couture dress, Iris Van Herpen, Paris."

Is this luxury?  What is luxury to you?

“WHAT is Luxury?” is a new exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.   To be expected visitors will be taken on a tour of "glitzy, big-brand merchandise: 'It' bags, low-slung sports cars and diamonds. It has a few products by famous names and a few lavish antiques (an 18th-century gem-encrusted snuff box is pictured), but such pieces make cameo appearances in a show whose surprising focus is the works of contemporary artists, craftsmen and designers."

The exhibit is a collaborative effort with the Craft Council that grew out of research done by the curators, Jana Scholze and Leanne Wierzba.

"When they asked people for their definitions of luxury, initial responses were a predictable litany of costly goods marketed by global brands. But when encouraged to be more reflective, people came up with answers such as space, freedom, innovation, privacy and—most often—time."

What is luxury to you.  Read more at the Economist about the show, then come back to LaLuxure and share your thoughts about "what is luxury" to you?