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2 years ago
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  • tonyberkman
2 years ago
Buscemi 100MM High Tops Featured In "SKY" a Free Falling Short Film

Buscemi 100MM High-Top sneakers are exceptional.  They're hand crafted in the luxury footwear capital of the world Civitanova, Italy.   The100MMs are artfully constructed out of full-grain Italian calf leather including hand painted edges and signature heel handle. The shoe is paired with gold plated hardware featuring a 3-piece mechanical closure and lock.  The name's derived from from "100 millimeters in height".

If the quality and craftsmanship aren't enough to convince any lover of luxury items that Buscemi are the high tops to beat then check out the brands VIMEO promotion video where  they present their first-ever short film, titled “SKY.” The video was directed by New York-based creative Mike Warzin and is designed to highlight the 100MM sneaker in a cool and unusual way,  "free falling."    This video entry is the first of many to come as Buscemi plans on featuring clips from numerous submissions throughout the rest of the year.

If Warzin’s the “SKY” film has you desirous for a pair of 100MMs, visit Buscemi to purchase your pair today.