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These luxurious dude ranches take the grime out of the ranch and add the glamor in!
What usually comes to mind when you think of a dude ranch? Perhaps ....dust, dirt and the smell of animals?   Continue Reading »
Gucci Stores Get Marble Staircases as The Luxury Brand Seeks Revival
Velvet armchairs and marble staircases form the backdrop against which Gucci’s new creative director is basing his efforts to extend a revival at the ailing luxury brand.   Continue Reading »
My Luxuries: Claudia Schiffer
From bespoke artwork to personalized Anya Hindmarch bags, the supermodel reveals her ultimate indulgences. Her "most treasured possession is the painting by Ed Ruscha [that her] husband had commissioned as a wedding proposal."   Continue Reading »
Audi is going after Tesla in the luxury electric car market
The race for the luxury electric car market is shifting gears. Soon after Porsche announced at the Frankfurt Auto Show that it will be building an electric sports car, Audi said it has even grander plans. Audi of America's president, Scott Keogh, told Automotive News that it plans to turn its e-tron Quattro SUV electric vehicle concept into a production   Continue Reading »
This Designer Is Using Her Math Degree to Make Luxury Bags | Observer
L/Uniform, the luxury bag line by Goyard vet Jeanne Signoles, came to Dover Street Market this month.   Continue Reading »
Luxury brands beckon "eat me, drink me" for Alice in Wonderland anniversary
"Luxury brands are embracing the beloved story of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” with a selection of treats paying homage to the novel’s 150th anniversary."   Continue Reading »
Isis recruits are defecting because aren't getting the luxury goods and cars they were promised
Dozens of Isis recruits have left the Islamic militant group partly because the luxury goods and cars they were promised before they joined failed to materialize, a new paper has found.   Continue Reading »
Only in NYC: A luxury commune
  Pure House is not isnt what most people think of when they hear the word commune.   Continue Reading »
Jaguar's New SUV?
Well… here’s something we haven’t seen by Jaguar.  The new F-Pace crossover SUV that’s soon to be revealed this September at the Frankfurt Moto Show in France.   Continue Reading »
The Hippest Pool Table on Earth
Today we take you back in time, thanks to Oregon-based Dub-Box,  the company that builds camper trailers inspired by perhaps the most famous and long-lived Hippie-icons --  the VW Microbus.     Continue Reading »
Ferrari Spaceship Comes to Life
Well sort of.   The question, what would a spaceship look like if it were designed by  Ferrari, has been answered.     Continue Reading »
For the Uncompromising Urban Bicycle Rider
Milan based #startup Vadolibero is a company that's focused on urban bikers, and their Bike Shelf has been specifically designed as a "spectacular stage" for one´s bicycle.  The Bike Shelf transforms your bike into an indoor sculpture, or center piece.  The Bike Shelf is a "smart organizer   Continue Reading »